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Hi everyone! We are so excited to announce Madafest!

Madafest will be a two week time period, beginning November 1st and ending November 14th, and focus solely on celebrating Madara Uchiha. Each day will have a certain theme that will allow you to get creative through any type of work imaginable.

We have created a poll, so we would like you all to vote on which themes you want to see most. There are over 50 themes to choose from and narrow down to your top 14 choices! Voting will officially end on October 18th. The most popular themes will be incorporated into Madafest - so make sure you vote for your favorites!

We are also extremely pleased to announce the official Madafest blog! Here we will feature all of the fanwork located in the Madafest tag, and by the end, we hope to have a beautiful blog featuring all of your awesome and beautiful creations.

All rules and details are located on the blog. This will be the place where we make announcements from here on out - so follow and keep updated!
That’s it for now. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy Madafest 2014!

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